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Moronic and Spineless

Probably won’t make me any new friends at the next gathering of my fellow Republicans, but what the heck? Moronic and spineless are the only words I can think to describe today’s vote to keep Ben Lujan in his position as Speaker of the House. Scandal after scandal have plagued the Speaker’s tenure, and today the House voted unanimously to maintain the status quo. The rationale “Tea Party” activists gave for applying pressure to avoid a coalition was that Representative Cervantes is a progressive.

Hello, anyone home???

We’ve got a Republican Governor and 33 votes in the House. Assuming we can’t find enough reasonable Democrats to keep supposed “progressive” legislation from passing, we’ve got a Governor, who has given every indication that she would be willing to veto these and other misguided efforts no matter how creatively packaged:

“To make them sound better, some call them ‘revenue enhancements.’

“They can be called many things but they will all be vetoed.

In case you can’t tell, I’m completely disgusted.