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A Glimpse into Udall’s Priorities

Yesterday the Journal reported on significant layoffs at Los Alamos that are going to have significant economic repercussions for Northern New Mexico (subscription):

The lab already has cut hundreds of jobs from its subcontractor work force. Monday’s meeting signals the start of cuts within the lab’s core scientific work force.

“It directly impacts people’s lives, not only those of our employees, but also their families, and the northern New Mexico community. People are the soul of any institution,” Anastasio said in a memo to employees. “You have my personal commitment to make this process as fair as possible.”

Charles Mansfield, president of the Laboratory Retiree Group Inc., said the layoffs could have an impact throughout northern New Mexico.

“It’s not just Los Alamos,” said Mansfield, who worked at the lab for 17 years before retiring in 1993. “I think it will hit the whole EspaƱola Valley, everywhere from EspaƱola up through Taos and El Rito. The lab is a major economic engine for northern New Mexico.”

Los Alamos is in the Congressman Tom Udall’s district. Although the Congressman was not quoted in yesterday’s article, Udall is featured in an article today (subscription):

Gov. Bill Richardson to his key New Mexico backers: Support anyone you want for the 2008 U.S. Senate race, because I’m not getting in.

That was Richardson’s message during a face-to-face meeting with those supporters earlier this month, according to Rep. Tom Udall, a fellow Democrat who next week will announce his U.S. Senate bid.

“He basically released them to do what they wanted to do in the Senate race,” the 3rd Congressional District representative told the Journal on Tuesday.

WOW! Talk about a slap in the face to the people of the 3rd Congressional District. On the day that it is announced that hundreds of people are going to lose their jobs, and that the economy of surrounding communities might be devastated, Congressman Udall’s only comment to his constituents is regarding a comment made Governor Richardson earlier this month about his U.S. Senate race intentions.

Talk about a guy out of touch with what’s important to New Mexicans.