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A Look at the Governor’s Priorities

Nothing illustrates New Mexico’s ranking on Governor Bill Richardson’s list of priorities better than this:

While Gov. Bill Richardson is out of state doing the anti-Wal-Mart thing, there’s a lot happening locally.

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, serving as acting governor, declared a disaster today in Hatch and Socorro, which have been pummeled (and in the case of Hatch, devastated) by recent rains.

Think about it. A community is devastated, DEVASTATED, and the Governor feels that attending an out of state protest is more important than attending to the needs of the people of Hatch and Socorro. What adds insult to injury is that this protest is coming to New Mexico next week. That’s right, if Governor Richardson felt so strongly about the need to show his support of the anti-Walmart movement he could of done it without ever having left our state.

Did the Governor of Louisiana have a more important political function to attend during Katrina? How about the Governor of Mississippi? Does the Governor of Florida put personal politics first when his state is hit by a crisis?

No, these Governors know that they were elected by the people of their state, and when devastation hits, they put the needs of those people before their own personal agenda.

Come election time this November, I hope the good folks of Hatch and Socorro remember where they fell on Governor Bill Richardson list of priorities.