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A Need to Recuse

A couple of days ago, Joe Monahan blogged an interesting point by State Representative Joseph Cervantes (D) of Las Cruces regarding bias in the potential impeachment proceedings of State Treasurer, Robert Vigil:

I consider calls and letters to legislators inappropriate ex parte communications with those potentially serving in a quasi-judicial constitutional role. Ex parte contacts represent an extraordinary breach of procedure and process. Most of my colleagues are not attorneys, however, and may not understand the implications of taking your calls or receiving your letters. Non-lawyers may not understand that pre-judgment or bias may disqualify them from voting on any impeachment issue.

I think Rep. Cervantes has a good point. Along the same lines, it would seem that anyone who has received campaign funds from Mr. Vigil would also have to recuse themselves, right? I would imagine that since the Speaker of the House’s son was a Deputy State Treasurer during the time of the alleged corruption, Representative Lujan should also remove himself from the process, right?

Well, I guess we’ll see how many elected officials are willing to act ethically.