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AG Patricia Madrid Gets Second Chance

When Patricia Madrid was asked to investigate and prosecute the State Treasurer scandal, she wouldn’t. As a result, the extortion practices of the State Treasurer’s office were left unchecked until the feds stepped in to finally put a damper on the decade of corruption that has plagued state government.

Now, Attorney General Madrid has a rare second chance. Something stinks about the Art Trujillo connection to Angelo Garcia. The MSM newsmedia doesn’t want to touch it; however, Duke City Fix does a great job of digging up the old $3 million scandal that plagued Mayor Chavez’s buddy, Art Trujillo. By the looks of it, this could be as big a deal, maybe bigger, than the extortion practices that were uncovered at the State Treasurer office.

The first step would be to subpoena the Chavez campaign to turn over the list of attendees at the Angelo Garcia fundraiser. Mayor Chavez claims he is returning the money [or at least some of it] from Garcia associates “to avoid the appearance of impropriety.” Well, it is too late for that, and the campaign’s unwillingness to turnover the list of attendees adds fuel to the fire of that they are hiding something. Why am I not surprised that they don’t feel they are obligated to full public disclosure of campaign funds?

The next step would be to see how many of those attendees have ties to Vigil, Montoya and Bernalillo County Commissioners serving during Trujillo’s 1989 landswap. Remember, we’re talking about a land deal, and Angelo Garcia is currently under indictment for swindling the elderly in a land development scandal. Too convenient of a coincidence if you ask me.

How about it Patricia Madrid? Are you finally going to step up and do what we have been paying you to do all these years? Or are you going to let politics get in the way of doing your job?