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Albuquerque Journal Watchdog Links

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice this at the bottom of the online front page of the Albuquerque Journal:

Now more than ever, you need to keep an eye on government and speak your piece. To help you in that regard, the investigative team of the Journal have developed a new resource page called Watchdog.

Hats off to the Albuquerque Journal for compiling and publishing this list. It’s a heck of a resource. For example, if you’re wondering who makes more money, the Governor’s Residence Chef or a Public Defender, you can find the answer among the links on this page.

Or, let’s say you’re curious about the difference in pay working as the Chief of Staff for the majority versus the minority party up at the Roundhouse. Well, that information is readily available.

Maybe, you’re a college student considering your career options. If you’re wondering what pays better, say Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or Executive Director of the Spaceport, you can find your answer among these links.

The links on the page are not just limited to salaries. There are several other useful links as well ranging from a searchable database of disciplinary actions taken against Doctors to State open records and meeting laws.

Take a look and explore.