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All About Resource Allocation

I’m beginning to think I’ve been too hard on Attorney General Patricia Madrid. Post after post after post I’ve written about her refusing to investigate political corruption in New Mexico. I’ve painted a picture that playing partisan politics with the law was more important to Patricia Madrid than protecting the interests of everyday New Mexicans.

Well, maybe I was wrong. Maybe politics had nothing to do with Patricia Madrid looking the other way while New Mexicans were being bilked out of millions. Maybe it was just a resource issue.

See, Patricia Madrid does not have an unlimited budget to investigate corruption. She has to use taxpayer funds wisely. For example, investigating the political corruption in the Treasurer’s office, or following up on the findings of the State Auditor’s office, or pursuing those involved in the criminal actions around ABQPAC might not have left the money desperately needed to investigate the real threats to New Mexicans:

In the current mailing, Madrid reports on her 2003 drug price study, headlined by the startling fact that generics are cheaper. “Attorney General Patricia Madrid, Fighting to Keep Your Prescription Costs Down.” Is this a campaign pitch mailed at taxpayer expense? Of course it is.

Think about it. How many dozens of New Mexicans would have continued to request the brand name over the generic alternatives at the drug counter if not for this great service provide by Attorney General Patricia Madrid’s staff?

Thank you Patricia Madrid for spending our money to conduct this very important drug price study. And thank you for spending even more of our money to mail out the important findings of this study to New Mexican voters. I would have never known that generic was cheaper than brand name. I applaud your efforts, and I’m sure the voters will take notice of all you do for New Mexico when they go to the polls in November.