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An Important Cause

There are a lot of bloggers that have ads on their pages to generate revenue. There are other bloggers that ask for donations to support their blogging efforts. I do neither; however, if you enjoy reading this blog, I’d like to ask you to join me in supporting an important cause – The March of Dimes.

I volunteered to be on a revenue generating committee and pledged to raise $3,000. I’m two thirds of the way there. Granted, I took the easy way out. I pledged a $1,000, and I got one of my clients to match me. Now, I’m hoping the readers of this blog will help me raise the other $1,000.

I’m going to make it really easy for you. If you just click here. You’ll be taken to the donation site for the NM Chapter of the March of Dimes. Then just shoot me an email at or post a comment to let me know you donated. If ten people are willing to give a $100 (although any amount would be appreciated), I’ll meet my goal.

More importantly, we’ll all be saving babies together.