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Another Reason to Love The Rail Runner

I guess, if the additional $250 million (are we over budget yet?) doesn’t bother you, the longer commute to Santa Fe ought to have you cursing (subscription):

Work has started on a $250 million project to extend commuter rail service to Santa Fe, and motorists on portions of Interstate 25 near the city will have to slow down because of the construction.

The speed limit on I-25 between Santa Fe and La Bajada, which is south of the city, will drop from 75 mph to 55 mph in construction zones while work is under way on the rail project, Secretary of Transportation Rhonda Faught said Wednesday.

The speed limit will be 65 mph in sections of the highway when construction isn’t going on in the median. Construction will occur during the day and even at night.

Is it my imagination, or have I been sitting in traffic ever since Governor Richardson took office? Gosh, it would be nice to just drive for a change without going through a construction zone.