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Arizona Does It

Some comments have been left to previous posts that try to equate what Richardson has done to the actions of other administrations. The big difference is that Governor Richardson was not satisfied with just filling the allotted appointed positions with unqualified political cronies. He found it convenient to create brand new positions, and he did it in an illegal manner. Patricia Madrid’s culpability in this is that not a peep has come out of her office since legislators have gone on record about the troublesome illegal activities.

Now all of this makes one thing abundantly clear. Now more than ever, we need open and transparent government. Unfortunately, Governor Richardson has for two consecutive sessions vetoed legislation that would enable webcasting of the legislature – even though he choose to webcast his most recent State of the State.

This needs to change.

EVERYTHING that happens up in the Roundhouse should be visible via streaming video. The Arizona State Legislature is able to do it, and so is the Albuquerque City Council, why not the New Mexico State Legislature?