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As the Father of Two Boys

The incident involving New Mexico State Legislature Minority Whip Dan Foley (R-Roswell) at his son’s basketball game (subscription) continues to gain attention:

The Roswell Daily Record quoted a mall security officer at the Gus Macker basketball tournament as saying that during one of the games played in the mall parking lot an incident flared up between Foley’s son and another player.

According to Cpl. James Glenny, the mall security officer, a coach stepped in during the altercation between the players and allegedly pushed Foley’s son. That’s when Foley rushed the court.

“The coach was straddling players on the ground and pushed (Foley’s) son. (Foley) started to get onto the court and between them. He got about three steps onto the court before police stepped in,” Glenny said.

I waited to write about it to see if anything new was going to be reported. But, the story has remained the same since it first broke. And, as a father, I’ve got to tell you I’m sure my reaction would have been the same as Representative Foley’s. Both my kids are involved in sports, and I can’t imagine seeing an adult push one of my sons without me stepping into the fray – some reactions are just instinctual.