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Avoid Jobs that Require Multitasking

Looks like multitasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:

A new study suggests that people who often do multiple tasks in a variety of media — texting, instant messaging, online video watching, word processing, Web surfing, and more — do worse on tests in which they need to switch attention from one task to another than people who rarely multitask in this way.

Specifically, heavy multitaskers are more easily distracted by irrelevant information than those who aren’t constantly in a multimedia frenzy, according to the study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

That’s it, looks like no more checking my email on the golf course. Apparently, multitasking is also detrimental for those in politics:

Last spring, a judge ordered that [state Public Regulation Commissioner Carol] Sloan’s wages as a PRC member be garnisheed so a bank could recover more than $39,000 from the commissioner. The garnishment came more than three years after a judge ordered Sloan to pay the judgment.

Another financial services company is now seeking to garnishee Sloan’s wages to recover a judgment of more than $1,000. A judge ordered her to pay that money in 2005.

Sloan filed for bankruptcy in 1997 to discharge debts owed at that time. She listed liabilities of more than $40,000 and assets of nearly $5,400, according to an Internet service that compiles bankruptcy data.

The commissioner, who earns $90,000 in the job, couldn’t be reached for comment on the bad-debt lawsuits and bankruptcy.

She’s not alone

As you probably know, Sloan is part of a bigger personnel problem at the PRC.

Commissioner Jerome Block Jr. was indicted in April on embezzlement, conspiracy and other charges related to the finances of his campaign last year. Also charged in the case is his father, former PRC member Jerome Block Sr. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Two years ago, a jury awarded a woman more than $840,000 in a sexual-harassment lawsuit against a third PRC member, David King. Taxpayers footed the bill.

Obviously, a bunch of multitaskers.