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Balancing State Budget Without Taxes or Cuts

A special session of the New Mexico legislature will be called to address an expected budget shortfall. Governor Richardson had this to say:

Richardson blamed the shortfalls on the national recession, and he urged lawmakers to avoid layoffs, repealing tax cuts or “drastically cutting services.”

Ok, we’re going to balance the budget without increasing revenue, and without cutting spending. Hmmm… I guess that leaves… um… magic?

And, for Governor Richardson’s next trick, he will attempt to hypnotize the entire state (or at least the voting population and media) into forgetting that a spending spree on steroids is what caused our financial budget crisis in New Mexico.

“Because our budget deficit is directly related to the national recession, I want to make sure that we don’t take any action that might cost jobs or adversely affect the state economy,” Richardson said in the release.

Wow. What an act!