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Better than Number One

Q: How does New Mexico’s congressional delegation fare when it comes to bringing home the federal pork?

A: We’re Number One

Yet, Governor Richardson’s chief of staff, Dave Contarino, puts forth this ridiculous argument when defending the administration’s payout of $138,000 in taxpayer funds to Democratic political operatives (subscription):

Contarino said the state needs a private lobbying firm to help New Mexico’s congressional delegation in seeking federal money for the state.

What, being number one is not enough? The real reason this firm is getting NM taxpayer funds is:

John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, is one co-chair of the company. He is a Democratic strategist who ran John Kerry’s presidential campaign in Pennsylvania. He is also former counsel to Sen. Edward Kennedy.

Come on Dave, let’s be honest here. Our delegation does not need help in bringing home the bacon. However, Governor Richardson does need help with his presidential bid.