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Bias, Bias and More Bias

Governor Richardson’s favorite blogger writes about Madrid’s money raising abilities, but then he chooses to focus on the spending report of Congresswoman Wilson. Why? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to focus on the spending habits of Madrid? Of course, then folks might notice that Richardson’s blogger writes with a very soft touch when it comes to Patsy. For example back in December he had this to say:

Was congressman past with congresswoman future? Patsy hopes so and rattled off a litany of issues she sees coming in her showdown with R Congresswoman Heather Wilson. Helping her on the trail will be her niece, Samantha Madrid from Las Cruces, who will tackle the campaign before tackling law school and adding another lawyer to the Madrid stable.

Oh, isn’t that sweet? A niece stepping up out of love to help out her Auntie. Oops, what’s that on the campaign report? Apparently, love and family is all well in good, but in the Madrid family they come from the “Show Me the Money” school. It seems Auntie Madrid’s favorite niece is pulling down a cool $4,326 plus expenses every month. Good to see nepotism is alive and well in the Madrid campaign. We wouldn’t want her to break from tradition.

I guess in the future, we’re going to have to be a little more careful before taking what Richardson’s number one blogger has to say at face value. Incidentally, I hope you really took notice as to why Richardson is so enamored of that one particular blogger:

He praised political blogger Joe Monahan. “I think we’re lucky that we have one blog that all of you read. Monahan And he’s good. He knows the process.”

How well does Joe know the process? Intimately. No, not from all that political blogging. The Governor’s pet blogger is a high paid lobbyist – excuse me, I meant to write public relations expert – being bankrolled, some say to the tune of $100,000, by hardball playing Stan Fulton, owner of the Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino. Now I understand why the Governor figured bloggers are being “indirectly” paid. He thought we all follow the Monahan model.

Sorry, that’s not the way it works for those of us in the masses. For example, you’ll notice I’ve recently put a Blogs for Heather “ad” on this page. No one is paying me to do that. I just happen to respect Congresswoman Heather Wilson, so I joined others who feel the same way. It’s that whole grassroots thing. But, I guess Richardson, Patsy and Monahan just project their motivations on others.

[Disclaimer: When I ran for office in early 2004, prior to launching this blog, I received a $150 campaign contribution from Scott Scanland, another Sunland Park lobbyist].