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Bill Richardson’s Legacy Begins

We are already beginning to feel the effects of Governor Bill Richardson’s legacy of spending, spending and then spending a little more:

Gov. Bill Richardson has been a strong advocate of the spaceport.

“The governor is very hopeful the vote will be successful and the project will move forward,” said Gilbert Gallegos, a spokesman for Richardson. “The reality is the state has put in a lot of actual capital and committed a lot of time and energy to the project.”

The tax would add a 25-cent charge to a $100 purchase. State lawmakers also have earmarked at least $110 million in capital outlay money over several years to help with startup costs.

In recent weeks, spaceport director Steve Landeene and other officials have worked to educate voters on what they see as the project’s merits.

So, let’s see, the Governor is apparently two for two. The new train requires new gross receipts taxes to support it. The new spaceport requires new gross receipts taxes to support it. I wonder what else the Governor has pushed through the legislature that will require new gross receipts taxes to support it.

Where’s the outcry from all you people who support buying local? I’ve got to tell you if gross receipts keep going up, you’re going to find more and more people making their purchases tax free online. The burden of these regressive spend and tax policies are on the poorest amongst us. How come the advocates for the poor are not crying out? I don’t get it.