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Can’t Wait to Hear the Radio Spot

Let’s look at the Jeff Armijo fiasco. I still believe this guy should resign. However, the precendent setting maneuvering occurring in the Democratic Party to force his hand is deeply troubling.

I don’t know what’s worse. The actions coming out of Governor Richardson’s office, or Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron’s willingness to accept a candidate’s resignation despite the fact that she never received a letter of resignation from the candidate in question. Talk about third world politics.

I can hear the radio spot now. A haunting voice narrating a creepy story:

A secret meeting… the order is delivered… and the political candidate is forced to resign. Is it the Third World? The Middle East? Eastern Europe? No – it’s the New Mexico Democratic Party led by Governor Bill Richardson.

First, Richardson sets up a meeting with Democratic nominee for State Auditor, Jeff Armijo, and his father.

Richardson tells Armijo to pull out of the race.

Within hours Armijo is supposed to be gone and State Representative Hector Balderas is only days away from being the Democratic candidate for State Auditor.

Forget about elections, forget about the voter, that’s the way Bill Richardson wants it and that’s the way it is…

The difference is that unlike last time, this time it’s all true.