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Chavez has Strong Links to Corruption

If you were watching the news on KOB-TV tonight, you saw the confirmation of a link between Mayor Chavez and indicted swindler and confessed racketeer, Angelo Garcia. The mayor admittedly spent an hour at Garcia’s house on August 15 to raise money for his already flush campaign.

Now Mayor Chavez is trying to feign complete ignorance. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t ring true. After all, who arranged the event? The mayor’s longtime pal, Art Trujillo. You know, the guy who has received more dirty campaign money from Angelo Garcia than even Robert Vigil. The same Art Trujillo that the Mayor helped out with his extorted ABQPAC funds.

Mayor Marty Chavez has a serious problem. He is ethically deficient He repeatedly engages in behavior that is embarrassing for the City of Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico. If he is re-elected, voters will be sending a loud message to politicians that corruption is okay. Putting Marty Chavez back in office is like giving the car keys to someone with multiple DWI’s… New Mexico citizens are bound to be hurt.