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C’mon Governor Fess Up

If you haven’t read the AP article in the Santa Fe New Mexican (registration) about Governor Richardson’s 2008 run for president, you should:

Although Gov. Bill Richardson has been coy since last November’s election about whether he plans to run for president in 2008, he has told party leaders he will run, according to a Monday report by The Associated Press.

Make sure to take time to peruse the comments posted by readers. Then you should take a gander at Steve Terrell’s follow up post on the SF New Mexican blog which contains these gems:

“I made no such comments,” Richardson said to a gaggle of reporters who confronted him in the hall of the Capitol immediately following his appearance on the CNBC show Power Lunch.

Commenting on the author of the story, Richardson said, “Ron Fournier is the best reporter, but I don’t know who he’s referring to.”

You know why I love journalists who blog? This is why:

A little journalistic formality here. [Steve] contacted Ron Fournier about Gov. Richardson’s comments on his initial story. As per Associated Press policy, he said he couldn’t comment and referred me to his editor Donna Cassata.

Cassata said, “We stand by our story.”

Of course, the SF New Mexican isn’t the only paper covering the Governor’s denial. The Albuquerque Tribune’s Shea Anderson has this post:

Gov. Bill Richardson was in the hallways this morning, so reporters had a chance to ask him about last weekend’s report from The Associated Press on his presidential aspirations.

Maybe regular readers can recite along with Richardson here:

“Right now I’m focused on the session,” Richardson said. “I’m concentrating on re-election already. That’s all I want to say.”

Pressed on the matter, Richardson said, “There’s been this kind of speculation, but I don’t want to talk about anything beyond my re-election.”

According to the AP article, we’ve gone way past the point of “speculation.” Somebody ought to kindly remind the Governor that even if he doesn’t “want to talk about anything beyond [his] re-election,” the fact that he’s “concentrating on re-election already” entitles New Mexicans to know the truth about his plans.

You see Governor, it isn’t always about you and what you want. Sometimes, it is about us, the New Mexican voters, and what we need. First and foremost, we need to know how often we would actually see you in the state if we re-elected you to a second term.