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Conceal-Carry Law Saves Life

This story (subscription) keeps popping up in the Journal pages:

Joyce Cordova, 46, was working her job behind the deli counter at the Wal-Mart Supercenter, 301 San Mateo SE, when her ex-husband, Felix Vigil, 54, came across the counter and stabbed her multiple times, police say.

That’s when Due Moore, 72 – a volunteer with the Albuquerque Police Department cold case unit who has a concealed-carry permit – intervened and shot Vigil dead, police say.

Cordova was taken to University of New Mexico Hospital to be treated for stab wounds that police described as non-life-threatening. She was released from the hospital Friday, according to a spokeswoman.

Every time the story has run it has included the fact that the victim’s stab wounds were “non-life threatening.” It almost seems as though Mr. Moore’s use of deadly force is being painted as excessive. However, I can’t help but think if this armed good samaritan had not taken this action we would have instead read yet another story about the stabbing death of a domestic violence victim. It’s a good thing New Mexico has a conceal-carry law.