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Cutting Security Funding and Increasing Pork

Somethings are expected. For example, when the Democrats took over from the Republicans in Congress, it was a pretty safe bet that there would be some changes. However, no one could have predicted the type of vindictive changes that have in fact took place.

First, you had a Democratic Committee Chairman playing politics with the memory of a war hero, and now you have the Democrats willing to undermine national security to settle old scores:

“I am surprised by the extent to which the House Appropriations Committee has gone out of its way to single out Los Alamos, and to some extent Sandia. The House bill is stunningly punitive in its treatment of Los Alamos. This bill would be devastating for Los Alamos, surrounding communities and New Mexico overall,” said Domenici, who is the ranking member of the Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee that funds DOE and the national laboratories.

And, you can’t even argue these cuts are being done in the name of fiscal responsibility. Why not? Well, because the Democrats have already demonstrated a willingness to sidestep their own rules designed to shed light on frivolous earmarks.

Yeah, this all makes sense. Slash national security budgets in a time of war and make it easier to increase unaccountable spending for pork barrel projects. Aren’t you glad you voted for change?