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Didn’t Work in New Mexico, So Let’s Take it National

Anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows that the Governor Richardson’s rail project is over budget and under performing. So, I find it interesting that our Governor Richardson would propose to duplicate this fiasco on a national scale (subscription):

With gas prices rising and roadways jammed, Richardson said it was time to rethink a federal transportation policy that pumps billions of dollars into new roads each year. Mass transit, he said, will be the best, cleanest way to move metropolitan residents in the future.

If elected, he said he would “make it a major effort to refocus transportation construction of roads into light rail and more energy efficient transportation,” the New Mexico governor told reporters at a news conference Monday.

“I would make light rail at least an equal partner” with highways, he said. With more rail and clean-running buses, “it’s going to improve the quality of life in this country.”

Richardson provided few specifics about funding, but said the construction would be financed with bonds backed by the state and federal government.

Nothing like failure to breed a plan for the future. I’m wondering as the Governor is criss-crossing cities in search of hands to shake and babies to kiss, how many times has he done it via light rail and clean running buses? Bill Richardson spends a lot of time in Denver, and I know Denver has light rail. Yet, I just don’t remember reading that was how Governor Richardson was choosing to travel around the Mile High City. Good thing for him that billions
of dollars are being pumped into new roads every year.