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Equal Time Should Apply

So, Mayor Chavez finally got around to declaring his candidacy on Saturday, and it just so happened that Saturday was the first time I listened to his radio show on 770 KKOB. I’ve got to tell you, I was not impressed. Probably the most annoying part was the Mayor’s constant admonishment to listeners to “call in to talk about good things.” It felt like I was listening to a poorly written infomercial. I kept waiting for the Mayor to begin hawking Vapoorizer.

You know how tacky some of those campaign commercials can be. Well, now imagine one that goes on for 45 minutes. This is not something I would wish on my worse enemy. However, it does raise an interesting question. Now that the Mayor is officially a candidate, if his radio shows are going to continue, then shouldn’t David Steele, Judy Espinosa and City Councilor Eric Griego be entitled to equal radio time every week. If you remember, when Larry Ahrens was running for Governor, he had to get off the air for precisely this reason.

I’d be really interested in knowing the answer to this question. Maybe someone would like to call the Mayor’s office and 770 and find out for me. Please feel free to post their response as a comment. If you want to dial just one number, you can probably call that new call center the Mayor spent half his show gushing over.