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Euthanizing Chickens

Maybe it’s just me, but there sure does seem to be a disconnect going on in New Mexico. A team of 40 people conducted a cockfighting raid in Dona Ana County and:

Beth Vesco-Mock, animal shelter director, said she received an order from the sheriff’s department to euthanize all the birds. She said shelter staff euthanized them in two waves — one group of 358 animals Saturday night and a second group of 47 Sunday morning.

In total the news story reports that 618 birds were euthanized. In other news:

New Mexico is among the states with the highest rate of hunger, or food insecurity, in the nation. Much of it is the result of the poverty endemic to the state, but food banks in New Mexico also report an increase this year in the number of working and middle class people needing food aid.

Hmm, I wonder if euthanzing those birds was really the best way to go?