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Expand the Feast Column Penned by Richardson

“Some states feast at the expense of others,” according to the Tax Foundation, and at $1.99 back for every dollar paid in taxes, New Mexico is the reigning champion of consumption. You would think Governor Richardson would be satisfied, but apparently gluttony knows no bounds. Richardson has taken to the pages of the Washington Post to write Uncle Sam for more:

Under my plan, states would be prohibited by law from spending more than a fixed amount on health care. The federal government would pay for the rest. It would be obliged to insure populations that the state had covered. It would retain flexibility to change eligibility and benefits for groups covered by federal law, such as poor children and seniors. Rather than shifting all risk of unexpected costs to states, this plan would shift such risk and cost to the federal government.

Translation – The Governor thinks it is a much better idea for New Jersey residents to pay for the healthcare costs of New Mexicans. (Disclaimer: I have some very dear relatives living in New Jersey.)

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