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Find it Hard to Believe

Every once in awhile a government spokesman says something that just leaves you shaking your head. Ok, not every once in awhile, more like everyday. Take this for example:

Water Authority contractor TLC Plumbing was installing a pressure relief valve in the 1400 block of San Jose SE, when the contractors stopped work to wait for a work order for $50,000 needed to finish the project, Water Authority spokesman David Morris said.

The work order never came.

“Due to an oversight on the Water Authority’s part, the work order was not issued in a timely manner,” Morris said Tuesday.

Morris said the Water Authority was made aware of the hole, which had been sitting untouched for several weeks, by news reports Monday night.

I’d be willing to bet that the Water Authority received several calls about the gaping hole. I’m sure the contractor called the Water Authority several times to request the work order, so they could finish their work and collect their $50,000? I’m sure that the neighborhood called to complain.