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Fruit Fly Research in France

So, I always thought New Mexico’s special interest spending of taxpayer’s money at the state level was ridiculous. But, it looks like that tilapia farm in Hidalgo county that got shot down two sessions ago is nothing compared to the type of earmarks coming out of one Congressman’s district in Pennsylvania.

RedState hope to take it back with Chris Hackett. Mr. Hackett, a CPA, is both a fiscal and social conservative. He is pro-life and anti-earmarks. His opponent, Chris Carney, has been spending federal dollars on earmarks claiming they bring the bacon home to the tenth. The problem is, Carney can’t explain how his vote for fruit fly research in France brings jobs home. Chris Hackett, on the other hand, can deftly explain how growth in Washington kills jobs in the 10th.

Fruit fly research in France paid for by American Taxpayers? That’s just too much. It’s no wonder presidential candidate, Senator John McCain thinks a one year moratorium on federal earmarks is a good idea.