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Funny Thing About Numbers

I wasn’t going to write until after the Fourth of July, but I keep coming across a Rasmussen Poll that is being touted all over the left side of the political blogosphere:

A new Rasmussen Reports poll finds New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) leading challenger John Dendahl (R) by a huge margin, 56% to 32%.

The date of the Rasmussen poll is June 30th. Now, I’m not sure when the poll was taken, but even if we assume it was on June 30th, we’re talking less than two weeks since John Dendahl was named the Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Numbers are kind of funny. My guess is that no one in the Richardson camp has found the Governor enjoying the support of ONLY 56% of likely New Mexican voters a cause for celebration. Richardson has spent millions over the last few years touting his record. Yet, 44% of New Mexicans remain unwilling to say they would vote for him.

As the incumbent, Governor Richardson is only likely to see his support decline from this point. Think about it…

John Dendahl hasn’t even had time to spend a penny putting his message out there, and the Governor who would be president is already being held to 56%. This does not bode well for Bill Richardson’s national goals, and explains why the Richardson camp has been so quick to launch negative ads targeting John Dendahl.

Have a Happy 4th!