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George Soros Opens Shop in New Mexico

It looks like the left is taking nothing for granted in this upcoming election cycle. George Soros has officially opened shop in the Land of Enchantment by putting several left leaning bloggers and journalists on the payroll:

The Center for Independent Media has opened a new news website in New Mexico. The New Mexico Independent is now live and running with a mix of veteran journalists and local bloggers.

Included among those local bloggers is yours truly, writing under my real name, Matthew Reichbach.

Managing Editor David Alire Garcia, lately staff writer at the Santa Fe Reporter, and news editor Trip Jennings, lately of the Albuquerque Journal, head the staff.

A quick glance over the website shows that the “About” section is, well, it’s blank. But, a little digging around on the web, shows that this is standard operating procedure when George Soros launches one of these in a new market:

I’ve always meant to write piece titled “Who Pays Me?” Never got around to it. But if I had, I would have said that I was working under a contract with the Center for Independent Media (CIM), a Wasington-based non-profit, which is the parent organization of the Monitor and three other similar state-based sites.

This practice is, to say the least, very troubling. George Soros is the king of the ses deceptive practices. He has a foundation, which is conveniently misnamed the “Open Society Institute.” A visit to the site paints a rosy picture of the “good works” done by the Institute. Of course, George Soros has failed in staying the man behind the curtain in the political arena, so the site, albeit a couple pages deep, does have this disclaimer:

George Soros’s private political activities are wholly separate from the Open Society Institute. OSI is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical entity—in accordance with U.S. laws for tax-exempt organizations.

Soros, as a private individual, is entitled to use his after-tax personal funds to support political candidates or parties within the parameters of U.S. election law. Any public statements on political issues are also made solely in his personal capacity. The Open Society Institute is not consulted or otherwise involved, and OSI is neither able nor permitted to comment.

For more information about George Soros’s activities that are separate from the Open Society Institute, visit

Of course, following the suggested link uncovers absolutely nothing about George Soro’s political activities. Instead, the website has one link on it’s front page, a link back to OSI. Luckily, it’s easy enough now to do a search on CQ Moneyline that uncovers millions upon millions of dollars in contributions by George Soros to push a personal agenda. And, if there were any doubt as to political leanings of that agenda consider that $2.5 million went to

What this all boils down to is that New Mexico Independent is anything but Independent. It is simply a rebranding of a political player for the 2008 election cycles. A political player who professes to an agenda of openness, but does everything in his power to operate in the shadows.