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Get Out and Vote in Today’s Primary

It looks like they’re predicting a “high turnout” for today’s Primary Election (subscription):

In the state’s 2006 primary election, fewer than 181,000 Republicans and Democrats voted in the top-tier contests— a figure that represented less than 21 percent of eligible voters.

Secretary of State Mary Herrera predicted Monday that the four open congressional seats this year will help drive a record turnout today.

“Voter turnout should be in the high 30s,” Herrera said, referring to the percentage of registered voters expected to cast ballots today. “I’m expecting the highest turnout in history for a primary.”

It’s kind of sad, when a turnout in the “high 30s” will qualify as the “highest turnout in history for a primary.” Voting really is one of our most important civic duties. The fact that 70% of eligible voters won’t vote is more than a little disturbing.

The internet makes it so easy to find information on the various candidates. And, when you consider the average American works more than four months every year just to pay for government, you’d think more people would take an interest. Unfortunately, you’d probably find that most people spend more time researching movie and music reviews than researching the candidates running for office.

Well, this year there really are some important choices to make in the primary, so get out and vote. And, encourage everyone else you know to do the same.