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Glad I Live in the County

The next time someone from Albuquerque tries to push City/County unification on us, we would be wise to remember the financial burdens the City of Albuquerque likes to push on its citizenry in the form of regulations:

Homeowners will get a little more time before City Hall starts enforcing its new “green” building code.

But city executives aren’t backing away from plans to require more energy-efficient furnaces, air conditioners and other equipment.

Albuquerque’s Planning Department agreed this week to postpone enforcement of the new building code until July 1— three months later than scheduled. City officials say they’re willing to consider technical amendments before then.

But minor changes may not be enough to satisfy critics who say the new code will boost the cost of replacing a heater or air conditioner by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars.

As the owner of a 30 year old home with two thirty year old furnaces, I’d hate to be forced to spend thousands upon thousands to replace them both. Mind you, I live in a home with passive solar heating, and I also use a a very efficient wood burning stove for most of the winter. Plus, I keep the house very cool all winter. So, my furnaces hardly go on.

Is all of this because I’m worried about global warming or being green? No, it’s because propane is expensive, and I’m pretty frugal in this arena. In other words, economics drives my decision, not regulation. Hmm… I’m sure there is a lesson there somewhere.