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Go Ahead, I Dare You

This past Friday morning, I attended the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce “Business over Breakfast” meeting at the Santa Fe Hilton. It was a well attended event with the feature attraction being the delegation of legislators that represent The City Different. Now I can’t recollect whether it was Speaker Ben Lujan or Representative Lucky Varela who brought it up, but one of these distinguished gentleman said that it is time that New Mexico had electoral reform.

You think?

Where the heck have these guys been for the last couple of years (subscription). Oh right, I remember. They have been taking advantage (subscription) of the rampant election fraud that has been benefiting the Democratic Party in New Mexico for years. When Governor Richardson kept counting ballots (subscription) until he got a number that would allow him to raid the Permanent Fund, I don’t recall these legislators clamoring for reform.

No, quite the opposite was occurring. All election reform bills were dead on arrival (subscription). Republicans who called for voter identification were accused of wanting to suppress the vote (subscription). How quickly that all changes when the Democrats have egg on their face for failing to deliver the state for their presidential candidate.

Well, now here is your chance. Go ahead Speaker Lujan and Rep. Varela, I dare you. Go ahead and introduce a bill that requires photo identification to vote in the state of New Mexico. Stand up in the Roundhouse and loudly proclaim that our Democracy, the Democracy for which many brave men and women are risking their lives as you read this, deserves the same protection as our favorite video rental.

I don’t think you’ll do it, but I hope you prove me wrong.