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Goodbye Damron… Hello Dendahl

J.R. Damron ends his candidacy against Governor Richardson and former Chairman of the Republican Party, John Dendahl, begins his.

Albuquerque, N.M. – Dr. J.R. Damron made the following statement today to the Republican Party of New Mexico’s state central committee meeting:

“For the good of the state of New Mexico and its citizens, I believe there needs to be a change in the 2006 Republican gubernatorial candidate. Therefore, I have submitted the required Secretary of State form announcing my resignation as the Republican gubernatorial candidate for 2006.

The new candidate needs to be competitive, aggressive and articulate to win this race. This candidate needs to engage Richardson in a decisive, bull-doggish manner to bring out all of his many deficient, negative and duplicitous characteristics, and highlight Richardson’s self-serving, abusive treatment of New Mexicans. Full exposure of Richardson’s pay to play, deceitfulness, and cronyism must be brought to all the voters of New Mexico.

To this end, I must do what is best for the Republican Party of New Mexico and for the people of New Mexico to win this election in November. Barbara and I have committed 18 months of time, energy and money toward this goal. However, we believe it is now time to move this campaign in a different direction with a new gubernatorial candidate to secure a decisive victory for all New Mexicans.

Barbara and I remain committed public servants to New Mexico. As painful as this is for us, we put our feelings aside and ask that all Republicans join with us together in unity and focus on the goal of winning back New Mexico for all New Mexicans.”

These remarks were also the text of Damron’s letter to Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Allen Weh.

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