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Government Department Says, “Let’s Regulate”

The Albuquerque Journal has an article on home day-care today (subscription). CFYD is making the case for more regulation – surprise, surprise a government agency that feels more regulation is the solution:

These informal [home day-care] arrangements often involve grandparents or family friends who sometimes care for children without being paid.

Oh the horror – extended families taking care of children. How can we let such a thing happen?

The homes that fly under CYFD’s radar might be some of the most dangerous.

“I hear so many horror stories about babies being left in cribs in back rooms,” said Geraldine Montano, a licensed provider. “When you’re not registered, you’re doing whatever you want.”

I’m willing to go out on a limb here and guess that these horror stories are not limited to home care providers. Should we then have CFYD license all parents?

Carol Rapisardi, director of the Covenant Schools child-care centers, said she has had two children come to her far Northeast Heights center in the past three years who were sexually abused by relatives of home-care providers.

One incident occurred in a registered home; the other was unregistered.

Imagine that – two awful situations. One came from a registered home, and one came from an unregistered home. Apparently, more government regulation is not the solution. Like so many things in life education and personal responsibility is the key.