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Governor Richardson Lashes out at Blogs

Steve Terrell pointed out a mistake I made in an earlier post. He also brought to my attention that he has a Legislature blog over at the SF New Mexican. It has some pretty interesting reading:

Richardson also talked about his concerns about blogs. He praised political blogger Joe Monahan. “I think we’re lucky that we have one blog that all of you read. Monahan And he’s good. He knows the process.” But, Richardson said blogs are predominantly partisan right-wing efforts full of innuendoes and rumors. He urged members of the press to be “diligent, vigilant and check their sources and not get over-excited in a competitive frenzy to deal with, in many cases, misinformation that is ideological.”

Richardson charged that many bloggers are paid “indirectly” by political organizations. “On both sides,” he said, “But I think the preponderance is on the right.”

Got to love it. You have a politician who is notorious for handing out political favors and contracts to large donors talking about “indirect” pay. Whereas the only indirect pay I’ve received to date is through Google ads, and the amount… a whopping $2.79 – actually I haven’t received it because they wait until you’ve earned $50.

Also someone in the Governor’s office ought to inform him there are a heck of a lot more blogs in New Mexico leaning to the left than to the right. Finally, Governor Richardson should note that the last guy who blamed blogs for his problems is now gone from the scene.

Update: I just added a picture at the top of this post. It came from this very insightful blog post.