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Governor Richardson’s Blatant PR Move

Maybe I’m missing something, but a U.S. Presidential Debate in Spanish (subscription)?

Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson has agreed to participate in a candidate debate in September that’s to be conducted in Spanish.

Univision Communications Inc., the nation’s largest Spanish-language broadcaster, has invited candidates to a debate planned Sept. 9 at the University of Miami.

“Latinos are the fastest-growing segment of our population and this is a unique chance for all of the candidates to hear and address the concerns and priorities of this important constituency,” Richardson said in a statement on Wednesday.

Richardson, who is fluent in Spanish, is the nation’s only Hispanic governor. He was born in California, but spent his early childhood in Mexico City.

Exactly, who is Richardson supposed to debate in Spanish? Folks this is absurd. Now mind you, Spanish is my father’s native language, so I’m not one of these people who think there is something wrong with people speaking more than one language in the U.S.; however, a Spanish language Presidential debate in the U.S. is absurd. It makes as much sense as Rep. Tom Tancredo’s posturing last night in the Republican debate that we should close the borders to all immigrants, legal or not.