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Greg Payne Responds To Sandra Richardson

I had some calls from folks yesterday wondering about the authenticity of that email I posted from Sandra Richardson yesterday. Well, I heard from Greg Payne himself, and now there is no doubt it’s real:


Following is my response — on Sunday, July 15th from my own computer — to the e-mail you’ve since posted from Sandra Richardson, dated July 14th.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: Paulette, THE PLAN and the structure
Date: Sun, July 15, 2007 8:44 am
To: “Sandra P. Richardson” <>

Please forward this to Mike Collins. He’ll be consulting Paulette on the campaign.
Greg feels confident that this indicates that someone other than himself would be working or “consulting” on the campaign. And, he asks people to consider if he were running the show, why would he want it forwarded to somebody else?

So my friends, what do you think? Don’t be shy, go ahead and put your comments below.