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Help Wanted: Democrats with Integrity

Yet another left-leaning political blogger has jumped onto the scene. Here is an excerpt from one of the early posts:

My third thought is where’s the Democratic advocate for honesty in the process of collecting signatures? Petition forgery is an issue that bites democrats on as frequent a basis as Republicans, and for some reason there isn’t a counter voice to the Sheriff. And when I say counter, I don’t mean somebody that would just jump out there to disagree with White, but rather to argue for the integrity of the process from the inclusive philosophy of the Democratic party’s viewpoint. In the absence of such a voice, the Dems silence could be interpreted as accepting ACORN’s questionable practices simply because the party supports the issue of a fair wage. The question is whether we are willing to get a fair wage through unfair practices?

I was wondering when someone from the left was going to challenge ACORN’s win by any means mentality.