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How About a Little Truth Joe?

Everybody’s favorite political gossip columnist, Joe Monahan, writes about the confirmation of Mickey Barnett to the Board of Governors of the US Postal Service in his post today. Of course, Joe shows his bias once again, and rather than being happy that a New Mexican has been appointed to such a prestigious post, he uses the appointment to try and stir things up in the Republican Party with malarkey like this:

[Former State Representatives Earlene] Roberts and [Ron] Godbey cited Barnett’s support of drug decriminalization and his spearheading of the movement to put up candidates against fellow Republicans in the 2004 primary–including them–as reasons he should be rejected.

Wait a second Joe. I ran in the 2004 primary for House District 22, the seat formerly held by Ron Godbey – my neighbor at the time. The thing is, I didn’t run against Mr. Godbey because he didn’t run. As was widely expected at the time, he retired due to his wife’s health issues and then moved back to Texas. So, the 2004 race was between Representative Kathy McCoy, Charles Mellon, and myself.

However, I can tell you that Mickey Barnett did not “spearhead” anything in my race. He did give me a $200 contribution, and although it was greatly appreciated, it was a very small amount compared to the $20,000 plus raised and spent in the race.

So Joe, how about you stop peddling that story? It’s getting a little old. Instead, let’s just all say congratulations Mickey.