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Illegal Immigrants Get Free Education

You might remember that two years ago, Governor Richardson declared a State of Emergency at the border. What you might not realize is that about the same time, the Governor let legislation pass that lets out of state illegal immigrants get a free ride at New Mexico colleges and Universities:

Poudre High School counselor Isabel Thacker found a way around that, and this fall will be the second year that some of the high school’s undocumented students will participate in a program that allows them to attend college at the University of New Mexico – many without paying for tuition and books.

“A bill passed in New Mexico in 2005 prohibited the state from denying education benefits based in immigration status,” said Terry Babbitt, director of admissions for the University of New Mexico. “We have to offer state financial aid to any student, regardless of their immigration status,” he said. New Mexico’s state financial aid, however, is intended for residents. Despite the apparent obstacle, a loophole in UNM’s residency requirements was discovered that allows the undocumented students from Fort Collins, CO to receive in-state tuition in New Mexico as well as an institutional scholarship that covers completely the cost of their tuition.

Got to love it. It is now cheaper to go to college in New Mexico if you are an illegal immigrant than if you are an American student paying in-state or out of state tuition – that’s just wrong.