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Interesting President’s Day Question

Tomfoolery of the Highest Order notes a Drudge Report posting that indicates Hillary Clinton won’t have David Geffen’s support for a White House run because she can’t win. Brian then poses this interesting question:

While Geffen is right, I have a simple response to any Hillary supporter you know. Ask them, “What states that Bush won in this last election would go to Hillary the next time around?” Here, at UNM Law, I always get, “Well, here in New Mexico.” And I say, “Not enough. Where else?” I never get an answer.

Go ahead, name one red state that will turn blue for Hillary? You can’t. That is why she won’t ever be President.

Hmm, I wonder if the same question applies for Governor Bill Richardson… Under Richardson’s watch our blue state went red. Granted, bumper sticker sales seemed to indicate support in New Mexico for a Richardson presidential run, but it doesn’t seem any other state feels the same.