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It’s All About the Politics

I’m trying to understand Governor Richardson’s positions regarding the allegations against now resigned Democratic State Auditor candidate, Jeff Armijo.

… Richardson said he was “extremely troubled” by the accusations against Armijo by two women. Armijo insisted on Monday that he planned to stay in the race, saying, “I’m on the path to victory.”

Today (subscription)…

Richardson, who is seeking re-election, said, “I appreciate Jeff Armijo’s action. He has acted in the best interest of his family and the Democratic Party.”

That’s it? The guy steps out of running for office, and now you “appreciate his actions.” Why? Because he put the interests of the Democratic Party above his own.

Governor Richardson, what happened to being “extremely troubled” by the accusations against Mr. Armijo? Apparently, your concern was limited to how it might impact the party ticket.