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It’s Like I’m Totally Psychic

At the end of January, I wrote that after the Democratic Party held its caucus it would say something along the lines of:

We far exceeded our expectations. Despite the fact, that significantly less money was spent than years passed, more than [fill-in the blank] the number of people we projected turned out. This is a clear indication that people are eager for a change in Washington. Blah, blah, blah….

Well, today the folks over at Democracy for New Mexico are reporting the following from NM Democratic Party Chairman, Brian Colón:

“Today’s canvass results for regular and absentee ballots provide hard evidence that New Mexico Democrats are ready for change in the White House,” said Chairman Colón. “From ending the war in Iraq to providing solutions on health care and education, these two candidates have energized Democrats in every part of our state. With an official turnout of 54% more than the last caucus, the 2008 Democratic Caucus turnout was absolutely unprecedented.”

Can I call it or what? I’m thinking I ought to send Chairman Colón a bill.