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It’s What Isn’t Stated

Take a look at the Albuquerque Journal today, and you’re going to come across an article on the unemployability of students (subscription) that that states:

Seventeen percent of the Albuquerque Public Schools freshmen who took a test to measure workplace skills fell into the “unemployable” category in reading and math.

However, as alarming as that may be, it is really this statement that of the most concern:

WorkKeys, she said, helps give them an idea so they can plan accordingly.

Mary Ann Landry, the district’s vocational education director, said APS scores rose slightly when some of the schools retested students as upperclassmen. However, the district did not provide complete data on those results.

Whoa! After a couple of more years of an APS education, the scores only “rose slightly.” That’s not good. And, what’s with not providing complete data. If we want to continue to successfully draw businesses to New Mexico, this is a situation that has to be dealt with immediately, and the school district needs to be more forthcoming with data results.