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Just in Case

Sarah Palin got on my radar over a year ago by stumbling across the Campaign2008VictoryA blog. That same blogger recently sent out an email that had an interesting observation regarding Obama’s polling lead:

The “polls” this year are more suspect than usual, with a lot of people saying they will vote for Obama — but apparentely planning to vote for McCain-Palin.

Something similar happened in the Democratic Primaries, where Obama “polled” much better than he did in the voting booth (especially in PA, but also in several other states).

Remember way back to the NH Primary in January, where Obama had a “double-digit lead” and supposedly Mrs. Clinton was toast? She ended up winning that Primary by a substantial margin. She also won Texas and Indiana, where the polls showed Obama with a fairly comfortable lead.

In polls, as in the rest of life, most people will tell the surveyers what they really believe. However, many people will say what they think the pollsters want to hear. There’s no other way to explain why the polls were so dramatically wrong in states such as NH and PA during the primaries.

Now, I realize that if Senator Obama doesn’t win on Election Day, many of my far left-leaning readers will be evaluating their options. So, I thought I’d throw this out there…