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Leave No Constituent Happy

I’m trying to figure out Mayor Marty Chavez’s plans for post-2009. There’s been a lot of speculation that he was planning on challenging Diane Denish in a Democratic Primary for Governor. But lately, all he seems focused on doing is alienating just about everyone in the City of Albuquerque.

First, he installs the red light cameras to the dismay of nearly every citizen. Then, he makes Albuquerque the sanctuary of illegal immigrants with criminal tendencies. Mayor Chavez follows that brilliant plan with an announcement that he is seriously considering closing all golf courses in an attempt to balance a budget shortfall of $200,000:

Mayor Martin Chávez warned this week that he will shut down municipal golf courses if needed to balance their budget.

Chávez delivered the warning during a meeting Thursday with Albuquerque’s golf advisory board.

The board, meanwhile, is discussing whether to ask the City Council for an increase in golf rates.

“I will close the doors,” Chávez said he told the golf board. “I have to balance the books.”

This coming from the guy whose administration went hundreds of thousands of dollars over budget on a couple of towers and tried to raise taxes to build an unneeded trolley down Central. Kinda makes you wonder what he’s got planned next. I really can’t figure out who he has left to alienate.