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Legislators to Create Peace on Earth

We are truly blessed in New Mexico with some top notched legislators. For example, Representative W. Ken Martinez and Senator Cisco McSorley are two very smart guys. They both managed to get through law school. They have both been reelected by their constituents a number of times. They’ve both landed important leadership positions in the legislature. Rep. Martinez is the former Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and is now the House Majority Leader, and Sen. McSorley is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Well, good thing we have such politically and intellectually savvy legislators looking out for the best interests of New Mexicans.

Apparently inspired by the sentiments on many a holiday greeting card, these two gentleman have made it their mission to bring “Peace on Earth.” And they knows if you want anything done, it is critical to create a new government office funded by taxpayer dollars. With this in mind, Rep. Martinez and Sen. McSorley have introduced House Bill 280 and Senate Bill 277 the “Office of the Peace Act.” Let’s take a look at just two sections of these historically significant bills:

Section 2. PURPOSE.–The purpose of the Office of Peace Act is to establish an office dedicated to peacemaking, justice and human rights; training that will enable the prevention, management and resolution of conflict without violence; and the study and implementation of conditions that are conducive to a culture of peace.

Section 9. APPROPRIATION.–Two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) is appropriated from the general fund to the office of peace for expenditure in fiscal year 2006 to carry out the provisions of the Office of Peace Act. Any unexpended or unencumbered balance remaining at the end of fiscal year 2006 shall not revert to the general fund.

These sections are complemented by another section of the bill that outlines the important responsibility the director will have “to develop a peace education curriculum. Finally, the solution to the war and violence that has plagued this world since the dawn of man will be solved for a measly $250,000. Funding begins for this new office on July of this year, so you can expect turmoil in greeting card industry as they scramble to design new Christmas cards which read: “Enjoy the Peace on Earth” courtesy of the New Mexico Legislature.