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Legislature Says “@$#%@ the Elderly”

The one thing that you can count on during the Richardson dynasty is that spending is going to increase year after year. Now every once in awhile you’ll read something that will give you hope that he’s finally come to his senses:

Gov. Bill Richardson blistered lawmakers last week for approving what he described as the budgetary equivalent of “Porky Pig.”

Unfortunately, then you read a little more:

He complained that the House and Senate had allocated money according to their own priorities rather than fully funding the dozens of initiatives he’s proposed in his self-proclaimed “year of the child.”

That’s right, there’s only room in Santa Fe for one porker, and he wants trains and spaceships to commemorate the “year of the child.” Of course, that makes sense. What kid doesn’t like trains and spaceships?

Speaking of priorities, the bed tax is going to be rescinded. Hopefully, no one has forgotten whose priority the bed tax was in the first place. This was one tax that even the Sheriff of Nottingham would have refused to collect. I mean look at this commercial and then reflect on the “priorities” of our Governor. C’mon folks, give back the money (subscription).