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Like Only Joe Can

You’ve got to hand it to Joe Monahan. I’ve read a lot of crazy things on his blog, but I do believe this takes the cake:

“Steve did not get a chance to speak to the rally, while (GOP US Rep.) Heather Wilson and (ABQ GOP congressional candidate) Darren White both spoke at length. Steve was only on stage briefly to deliver an opening prayer. His people see it as a major slight by the McCain campaign, Marta Kramer, director of the NM McCain office and Republican National Committee operative Jay McCleskey. As the US senate nominee, Steve is the head of the Republican Party, yet they acted like he barely existed,” informed our insider.

If there was ever any doubt that Joe Monahan was clueless when it came to the inner workings of Republican politics in New Mexico, this should put all doubt to rest. I challenge you to find any active member of the Republican Party who would find being asked to lead a gathering in prayer to be a political slight.

I can almost guarantee you that Congressman Steve Pearce, a man well-respected for his character and deep faith, would never be offended because he was asked to lead others in prayer. Heck, even the Congressman’s campaign website makes a point of citing that he is an active member of the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

In one fail swoop Mr. Monahan attempts to belittle the faith that Congressman Pearce and a great many Republicans hold dear, and cause a division in the Republican Party where none exists. Next thing you know, good old Joe will be trying to convince people to believe that being asked to lead a gathering of Republicans in the Pledge of Allegiance is a political slight.

Geez… and, we’re supposed to believe this guy is non-partisan?