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Look Who’s Number One

My wife says, there is absolutely no reason for this post. She says, it is strictly an ego thing. As usual, she’s right. But you know what, I’m posting it anyway.

Go to the MSN search engine. Type in Mario, or if you would prefer click here. In less than 60 days, this blog has secured the number one spot out of 25,370,533 websites containing the name Mario. I think that’s pretty amazing. I’m not a techie. I’ve not spent any money on search engine optimization tools, yet I now outrank Nintendo’s Mario. How much do you think Nintendo invested in their brand?

The marketing power of blogging is unparalleled. I own my first name just like Big Bill owns his. No, I’m not talking about Governor Richardson, I’m talking about Bill Gates. You know, the Microsoft guy.

Speaking of Microsoft, please don’t let them know that I’m an Apple and Firefox user, I’d hate to see my ranking at MSN change.

Update: Bill Gates has dropped to the number two slot, but President Bush, Albert Einstien and I still have the number one slot for our first name.